How to prepare for Coal India Ltd HR MT Interview

Dear Aspirant,

First of all congratulations for your success in written test. Now you are entering into war room as you do not know what are the questions will be asked. No worries, we are providing required information to success in your interview.

Why HR Interview is tough for HR aspirant?

As an HR person being interviewed by HR professional is not easy to face because you and your interviewer in same domain so you may face tough situation in interview hall. There is strategic plan to impress the interviewer and can guess the questions in interview. Our experts prepared course based on various previous questions asked in different PSUs Interviews.

Most of the times interviewers are senior HR professionals, they are experts in IR and Labour Laws.

What kind of questions will ask for fresher?

They have different set of questions to ask, if you are fresher you will get questions from your academic syllabus ,connecting with your internship but they will check your subject knowledge on IR and labour laws.Even you are not having experience also you need to answer the questions from IR and Labour Laws.In few past interviews, interviewer asked to say entire labour act like they will give you one labour law name to explain from section-1 to till schedules.

You may get opportunity to have questions from OB and HRM but very rare, If any young person is part of interview panel, you may get questions from out of labour laws.

You may be asked  some practical case studies to give solutions, these are very tricky questions but you can answer.

What kind of questions will ask for working profession?

If you have work experience ,You should be ready to answer the questions from statutory .Questions may be practical questions like which are part of day to day your HR operations like contract labour management, statutory compliance, handling govt officials, PMS,Training and Development, Recruitment Handling and IR issues.

How to prepare for Interview?

First of all,you need to concentrate on your subject knowledge, second you need to check previous questions asked in interviews and last you need to focus on general stuff like out of subject knowledge.

There are three factor will stand you in interview

1.Subject Matter Expert(SME)

2.Prev Questions and Answers

3.Understand the Interview process and requirements

Lets discuss on each point.

Subject Matter Expert: This is not new topic,SME is nothing but the person who has holistic knowledge on subject is called SME. If you are SME then you can understand any kind of questions and can able to answer the questions. If you want to be SME,you need to have overall knowledge on your core subject like HRM,OB,IR and Labour Laws. Personal interview have huge scope on labour laws so you need to focus on all labour laws,if you feel all not possible there are few important labour laws which are helpful in day to day work.

The Employees’ State Insurance Act,1948

EPF and Misc Act,1952

The Factories  Act,1948

ID Act,1947

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

The Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923

The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

The Maternity Benefit Act,1961

Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013


All amendment are necessary, because interviewer will ask amendments followed by Act.In addition to above labour laws,you have to have basic idea on recent labour Codes.


Previous Questions and Answers: If you check previous questions asked in any PSU interview,you could able to understand that most of the questions relating to labour laws,IR issues and your personal details.So you need to do some research on this.

Understand the Interview process and requirements: Interview process can be divided into three phases like Pre-Interview process, Interview Process and Post Interview Process.

In pre-interview Phase,what are the things to get ready for interview, how to gather required information for interview and your own practice or mock interview.

In Interview Phase,this is during actual interview time. While you are in interview hall and facing interviewer, there should be some practices to be followed.

Post Interview Phase, at this stage you need to wait for results and need to check official website frequently.


1)Any source to prepare for CIL HR MT 2020 Interview?
Ans: Yes we( providing online crash course for CIL HR MT 2020 Interview preparation with three sections
Section-1: Previous PSUs Questions with Answers
Section-2:General information which is out of subject knowledge and required to success in interview
Section-3:Subject Matter Expert(SME) concept with labour laws
You can check once by using the below link.

2)I am not having work experience and fresher so how to prepare for CIL HR MT 2020 Interview?
Ans: No worries,as you do not have experience,just focus on your subject knowledge, practical experience in an internship, and at last personal details. You are expected to give a nice presentation with your explanation.
We provided separate content in our online crash course for fresher also. You can check once by using the below link.

3) I am having work experience so how to prepare for CIL HR MT 2020 Interview?
Ans: You may have tough questions from the statutory part as you in HR domain. You have to refer to statutory requirements of the organization.
We provided separate content in our online crash course for working professionals. You can check once by using the below link.